A Central West End Throwback Thursday | The Bixby Mansion

The Bixby Mansion at 13 Portland Place was built in 1893 for industrialist and financier and richest man in St. Louis, William K Bixby. The palatial Chateuesque styled mansion was designed by Architect William Albert Swasey. Bixby made his fortune in the railroad industry first as a purchasing agent for the International and Great Northern Railroad. Then working railroad car manufacturing at Missouri Car and Foundry Company which under his leadership through multiple mergers to create the American Car and Foundry Company, at which he served as President and Chairman of the Board.

He also had many other business interests include Lacede Gas and Commerce Bank. He retired from active involvement in his rail car business 1904 but retained his other business involvement. At this time he sold the mansion and moved to 26 Portland Place. For the remainder of his life Bixby dedicated his life to philanthropic interests in the areas of art, literature, and education in St. Louis. He held positions on the boards at Washington University, St. Louis Art Museum, and the St. Louis Library among others and gave substantial in both time and money to them. He also was a collector of rare art and historic and literary manuscripts and documents.

After the mansion was sold by Bixby it was owned by two others until 1923 when Bixby’s son William H. Bixby purchased the mansion. William H. Bixby, financier and investment banker, lived in the mansion until his death in 1967.

Information from waymarking.com

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