St. Louis’ First Levant Restaurant Coming Soon

The sea of food knowledge is wide and deep, so when we were asked, “What’s Levantine cuisine?” while shooting the picture above at 386 N. Euclid, in the space formerly occupied by Kopperman’s Deli in the Central West End, we had to admit, “No idea.”

Levantine cuisine, we later learned, is the traditional cuisine of the Levant, an area that encompasses a large part of the Eastern Mediterranean, including Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and parts of Southern Turkey.

We did better with the logo: it’s the hamsa, a depiction of the right hand (frequently seen on jewelry) that some cultures believe offers protection against the evil eye.

The forthcoming restaurant is owned by Ahmad Alhamid, brother of Aboud Alhamid, who owns Syrian restaurant Ranoush on the Delmar Loop and whom SLM once described thusly: “Alhamid whirls through the dining room like he’s the mayor, nodding, smiling, shaking hands. He also balances plates on his head—skillfully—and will often disappear to produce a small, silver kiddush wine fountain to salute new friends. Order a traditional mezza platter and enjoy the show.”

Though Ahmad was not available at press time, Aboud offered a preview of what to expect at his brother’s place. “Ranoush serves the food you’d expect to find in a Middle Eastern restaurant,” he said. “Levant will be more like the home-cooked foods our mom and her mom used to make, like Middle Eastern comfort food.”

Aboud says the restaurant is slated to open in 60 to 90 days. More as we learn it.

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